Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tax Season is eating up all my subbies

okay so losing sleep it taking it's toll on my vanity

running a lot and loosing weight and getting summer time fit is fun

working a lot because I'm so excited about my current projects is
rewarding as well. This weather right now in Washington is pardon my
french fucking gorgeous. July temperature and April breezes along the
Mount Vernon trail.

But staying up all night and then running all morning and then working
all day is beginning to give me bags under both my eyes. And I need new
glasses. Don't we all?

Time for a trip to bluemercury. A gift card in any amount and I meet you
for lunch later this we because I need eye cream and we all need a break
from this cycle. Special preference for a newbie. It is spring time
after all. Evil cackle.

1 comment:

  1. You go for it Domina V. This is Slave J. Last day downtown at my job was today. Awaiting other options to develop. Sorry we could never connect for lunch downtown.