Friday, June 4, 2010

Movin' on up....

New vow: from now on I will curse only on the page, never in person. So 
suck it.

Tell me what you want to hear. I mean it. I'm tired of making this shit 
up. The experimenting process is a phase I'd just rather skip at this 
stage of the game. Themes include adulthood, exposure and mortgages. 
Wtf. When did I grow up? Just yesterday I was a kid with a head full of 
dreams. Somehow, mostly by the grace of Goddess, I found my way into the job of my dreams – a world were I could create constantly, touch people 
deeply and have a ball doing it.

Then the reality of being a sex worker hit. No I'm not a prostitute. I 
do not offer any direct extras, sexual contact, oral, hand, machine. You 
name it, I don't do it. Doesn't make a damn difference to the psychos. 
And there's a lot of you out there. You all call me Mistress and treat 
me like a whore. Stop. You're missing it. Misogynist.

I've come out several times in my life now. First as queer, then as 
kinky, then as a Pro Domme. Now I'm coming out again, this time about 
being a person who has experienced sexual and physical assault, 
stalking, verbal and emotional humiliation at the hands of lovers and 
family. I've never once been stranger raped or beat by someone I didn't 
say “I love you” to on a regular basis too. I've always said, if you can 
make it through the first chapter of the story, you deserve the happy 

Who I am and what I have experienced doesn't make me a Domme or any more or less special than the rest of the planet. Destiny is what makes me a 
Domme. I'm the one who chose the rough patches. I was taught the high 
road is difficult but it's the only road. Then I went and occasionally 
mistook turmoil for rough terrain. There's a difference between a storm 
outside your window, and the nightmare in your bed. Now I try to choose 
the storm. I like to reside in the eye and sleep peacefully at night.

I don't know what it's like for the rest of the world, but when I look 
around it's difficult to find anyone at all who hasn't experienced some 
kind of abuse. So stop blaming what you do or don't fucking do on what 
did or did not happen. I hate winers. I'm an emotionally domineering 
strict refined particular old guard D/s Mistress who has had it with the 
bullshit in this business. I'm doing what every specialized sought after 
professional does during a economic crisis – I'm raising my standards 
and my rates. Announcing the new space. Details to follow.

So what I as a professional seek at this time is a subject who will set 
aside some time, save some money and make it special. In the meantime 
you should know better than to use sexual, explicit, personal or D/s 
language outside of a scene. Unless you're 24/7 lifestyle and wear my 
collar, just call me Miss Vee. Calling me anything else is a privilege 
that can only be earned, not bought. Otherwise during the spontaneous 
script that is O/ur scene you will have the chance to say whatever you 
need to say and I will say whatever I like, most likely whatever will 
get you to obey the fastest.

I'm not your girlfriend. Any time you spend with me will require a 
deposit. I'm not here to be friends with the World, I'm here to build 
the best stable that has ever been and I'm only interested in men of 
that level of service and devotion. Otherwise, I have something better 
and easier to go do. Training human beings is hard fucking work. And I 
love it.

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