Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rules of Engagement - What NOT to do to score the session of your dreams

I think every Domme has one of these, a rant page, so here is mine. Let’s hope I don’t reveal too much of the submissive’s personal information. I would just hate for him to be exposed for the worthless waste of time he really is.

Now as some of you may know I sure am not in the habit of hating on anyone, in general, except of course in private and in the company of my dearest companions who generally share my opinions.
This matter, however, must be brought to light so that others may learn, other potential submissives and other Dommes who are kind, generous and skilled enough to make their professional services available to those in need.

Confession: I’m most angry at myself, for not seeing this cubby bullshitter for the liar he truly was from the start…ever meet one of those men who always complains about women and then up and pull the same bullshit themselves? Then you stop wondering why there so mistreated and if you’re like me you figure out really quickly that it’s all their fault. No really, when what you bitch about is what you do, you get what you deserve dumbshit.

So his deal is he’s probably secretly ashamed of his desires and so he’s remained single and uses meeting with ProDommes as a way to transfer all his selfagro. He claims not to be submissive, just kinky. I mean all he wants is needles put through his dick and electrodes shoved up his weewee so yaryaryar yeah not submissive at all…freak. Yeah I called him a freak. Not for what he wants, but how he feels about it.

So he promises a 1000 session. Not unusual this time of year. But he needs a special piece of equipment. Something electrical. Well, although I historically do not work on Sundays, it’s his only day available to session so with less than 24 hrs notice I make an exception. I spend my morning off running around town taking to sex shop owners, leveraging my professional relationships and trying to make a deal on behalf of said submissive for the part he claims he needs now.

Well it doesn’t happen. No parts, but said sub claims he wants something regular with a reliable pro who will accurately represent herself and not “rip him off” like all these other ladies who promise something then don’t deliver. So I invite him to meet for brunch and discuss the details.

I drag along my laptop. We spend over 30 minutes online together shopping for equipment and discussing my space, skills, interests and his. Then said sub claims he’s not available at all this month (first I’ve hear that) and that he doesn’t want to buy any equipment (then what exactly did we meet for and why have we been online shopping on my laptop for all this time).

Then he got up and left.

I followed that son of bitch out to his car and said, look here and listen up buddy, what you wanna complain about all those other Dommes doing is exactly what you are doing right now so however people are treating you and whatever your complaints, you are getting exactly what you deserve.

The end.

So for future reference, if you are a potential client of a ProDomme and she shops all over town on her day off for the piece of equipment you need and you claim to want something steady and she ask you to meet to discuss details of the arrangement and you two spend time shopping online and then you get up and leave without making something happen then YOU SUCK MAJOR ASS YOU PIECE OF WANKING SHIT.

And for the record, yeah, I did know the guy. He was not UN known but obviously not know enough, at least not by me. Asshole. And yeah anyone who wants a lead on this puffed up piece of cheap promises, drop me a line. I’ll send you everything I’ve got. The pen is mightier than the sword. Don’t ask for special favors when all you got to offer in return is BOGUS. Especially on Sunday, the day of rest for the Goddess.

I even wanted to give him credit towards the tribute for any equipment we bought and shared.

All I want for Christmas is an Eros Tek.

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