Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Thanksgiving Blog that was Lost is Now Found

This ones coming at ya a day late. It's called a holiday and one of only about five days a year I actually manage to relax and take some time off, meaning mental down time. Watched a couple of terrific movies (check my twitter for links) and cooked my first turkey. Did a damn fine job too if I do say so. I love, love being in the kitchen creating with and for dear ones. I don't cook, I feed people is the mantra around here. Thus why I need a smaller place, so less dishes.

Mistress Ava is coming to the studio on Monday to celebrate her birthday. I'm attempting to convince her to let me administer the birthday spankings. Yeah right good luck with that, she's practically a professional negotiator. You know a kid is good when she's doing interrogations with the hostess in the black marble wet room within the first month.

I'm contemplating a compilation: Scenes from a Dungeon, a collection of writings from myself and my professional associates. I'm tired of emotional tramps pimping out my lifestyle at a lucrative, unscrupulous young age. Whores. I'll show you who's in charge around here. We are and it's about time We started using our voices in and out of the dungeon.

Guess who's working on her first column deal? Syndicated in seven US cities. Ooops, the cat is out of the bag and here she is America, Your Ambassador of Kink, America's Top Domme - Mistress Vontana. Now ask me a question: about your personal love/sex/family/social life and I'll do my best to guide you via the internet. I hope. Cross your fingers and say a prayer. Fags are flighty and I'm going to have to get pretty sticky to catch this one and as the ermine with the dirty paws once said “I suppose it was inevitable after all” but why not let history repeat itself? I love old stories. Here's to dirt between our toes once again. Cheers.

And the return of $250 session. Oh yeah. Starting December 1 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Rockville. Walk ins welcome. No appointment necessary, just call ahead. 11am-8pm.

For three long years you all have suffered flesh and wallet to help me achieve some of the highest standards possible in such a bizarre trade. I have, from the start, operated 1000% independently. The majority of my training occurred on the hospital floor and inside the classroom walls of community, church and state. My distinct advantage however, is my spiritual nature. I was trained as a priest from the age of 5. I'm given to empathetic catharsis and bouts of astonishing insight. I have a formal and intimate knowledge of human physiology and am capable of acutely adjudicating your naked body when before me. It is the key to the psyche. The body does not lie. The puzzle complete, I begin unlocking your boxes with my skills. Anyone who will heed my advice is often better for doing so, myself included.

I value discipline and want more of it in my life. I'm a social misfit, part time recluse and a stunner who is at home on the stage and in the dungeon. All that for just $250/hr starting again December 1 again. Extended session still available, discounted and preferred. This crazy life, it's getting easier. I'm getting better at handling it all, I'm able and capable of taking on more and so I am including several new monthly events starting with the free Ministry of Kink Rope Salon on Dec 20 and yes the brand spanking new happening 5500 sf space don't hurt neither. Next to metro. Did I mention that? Thanks to all my friends who make it possible.

Open model call all day Monday. I repeat open model call Monday. I'll be in my office down the hall all day. Ladies gents and inbetween are welcome to stop in and sign up on my list for emails, job offers and events. If you wish to participate in the fetish model call on Monday you must register at

I am now in the habit of receiving several solicitations per day, mostly request for creative direction, modeling and referrals of other fetish models for custom, paid, private photography shoots here at CirqueDC. These assignments are intense, authentic power exchange experiences directed and performed by me that are captured in live action on camera, in detail. Scenes are slow, respectful and genuine submission is expected and desired from the model I'm working with. It's no longer sufficient just to be another pretty face. If you want to set yourself apart from the pack, make something happen. That is what we are interested in first and foremost. It's emotional pornography, in stills. Show us your spirit

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